I have been provided with the following additional information: all four windchests are Moller. First 4 rank chest held an 8' Oboe (73p) 8' Viola da Gamba (more of a Salicional, 54sc, 73p) and a 61 note tenor C celeste two scales smaller); the 4th rank was an 8' Rohrgedackt on unit action. Second 4 rank chest held an 8' Dulciana (73p) 8' Unda Maris (61p, ten C) a larger scale 4' Harmonic Flute (73p, metal) and a small scaled 8' Clarinet. There should be a treble offset chest for treble flue pipes (note: this may not present) - perhaps 18 offset trebles total. One of the 3 rank chests held the top 49 pipes of a 52sc 8' Viola. There should be an offset chest for the bottom octave, two rows of six in a single offset (this may or may not be present). There was also an 8' Concert Flute, wood, bass octave was stopped, tenor rank open, harmonic from middle C up, and the third rank appeared to initially be a reed, then changed to a 2' piccolo, then additional felt added reducing the rack for a 72sc 2' Principal. Pipes are not present. These three chests were initially from Lebanon Valley College, Anneville, PA, removed at the demolition of their old music building, then repurposed as part of an Ed Mangum installation at St. Timothy's Episcopal, Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA. The Mangum organ was removed there in 2005 to make way for a Buzard rebuild of a Wicks organ in 2006. The fourth chest, with visible pneumatic tubes, was a portion of a solo division.